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Antique Turkish Rug, 5 ft x 4 ft, Coral/Orange, Green and Beige Turkish Prayer Niche Stlye Carpet Handmade in Balikesir from Natural Wool

Sale price$410.00 USD

This lovely, softly coloured rug was originally hand-woven in the late Ottoman period (1920s) in the Marmars Region of Balikesir, Turkey, This is a beautiful example of the quality weavings produced during this period. The minimalist Prayer Niche central panel, woven in a soft orange/coral, is complimented by the delicate, intricately woven floral borders which feature soft greens, browns and yellow. This rug was woven using high quality, locally sourced sheep wool coloured by vegetable dyes also derived from locally grown plants and the soft, natural colours reflect the climate and vegetation which are characteristic of this Aegean coastal region.
This rug measures 5 ft x 4 ft (151 cms x 125 cms).
• Authentic, Quality Product. We source all of our rugs from the Villages and Towns in which they were originally made, selecting only those of the highest quality of original materials and workmanship.
• 100% Hand-Made, Natural Fibres, Organic / Vegetable Dyes.
• Sun Faded / Color Reformed Color, Reduced / Shaved Pile & Traditional Design Motifs
• Hand-washed and air dried prior to being offered for sale
• Fast Courier Shipping with Tracking and Signature Required.
• 24/7 Communication from Istanbul and Melbourne
• Wholesale discounts available. Please email us for details