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Turkish Rug


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the home of authentic handmade turkish persian and oriental carpets and kilims est 2006

the highlight of our shop is our unique collection of genuine and rare antique carpets and kilims est 2006

also featuring an extensive and unique range of vintage aged and contemporary rugs

About Our Rugs

Some Key rug characteristics

vintage Rugs

Vintage Rugs are generally considered to be textiles woven 30 to 60 years ago. Whilst most of these rugs were produced for local, domestic use by the original Village or Nomadic weaver, many were also specifically aimed at the commercial market and, as such, demonstrate greater sophistication of design and weaving techniques and use of superior quality yarns and dyes.

antique rugs

Antique Rugs are, typically, handmade textiles woven over 100 years ago. We source our Antique rugs from throughout Turkey as well as further afield such as throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. These textiles were originally woven for local, domestic use and nomadic lifestyles and, due to the relative isolation of specific tribes and cultures, such rugs often demonstrate distinctive design, weaving and material characteristics which allow us to identify their historical and geographical origins.

contemporary rugs

The practice of handmade Rug Weaving declined during the late 20th and early 21st Centuries as the labour intensive art form was overtaken by commercial production of machined rugs made from synthetic materials. Recent years have seen a welcome resurgence of the handmade tradition and, fortunately, there are now many workshops employing the next generation of rug weavers producing truely handmade textiles which, whilst still adhering to the traditions of the past, are more suited to modern-day home decor trends.

persian rugs


A brief outline of our journey from our beginnings as Shepherds and Farmers in a small Village in Central Anatolia to our life as Rug Collectors and Retailers in Sultahamet, Istanbul

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