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Caucasian Kazak Rug 8'6''x5'10'' Red Blue Vintage Tribal Azerbaijan Geometric Medallion Rug

Sale price$2,900.00 USD

Kazak Design rug in soft shades of Rust Red, Royal Blue, Mint Green, Cream, Gold and Ivory which measures 8 ft 6 in x 5 ft 10 in (270 cm x 165 cm). This rug is from the Shirvan Region of Azerbaijan and is based on the traditional Caucasian designs of rugs woven by village Armenian and Azeri Turk weavers and dyers in the South of the Caucasus for Centuries. More recently, Kazaks are now also woven in Armenia, Far Eastern Turkey and Afghanistan. Kazak Design Rugs feature bold Geometric Medallion Designs, intricate, complimentary patterns and a striking color palette. Superfine Kazaks are very finely woven and tightly knotted of high-quality sheep wool (quork wool) on a cotton base. This rug has a low pile and high knot count typical of high quality Kazak weavings. A unique knot tying/shearing and rug washing technique produces the glossy, patina-like appearance for which these magnificent rugs are renowned.
Kazak rugs are woven to several different quality standards and the price of this rug reflects that this one is in the "highest quality" category.
• Authentic, Quality Product. We source all of our rugs from the Villages and Towns in which they were originally made, selecting only those of the highest quality of original materials and workmanship.
• 100% Hand-Made, Natural Fibres, Organic / Vegetable Dyes.
• Original Colors and Pile & Traditional Design Motifs
• Hand-washed and air dried prior to being offered for sale
• Fast Courier Shipping with UPS Tracking and Signature Required.
• 24/7 Communication from Istanbul and Melbourne

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