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Vintage Anatolian Turkish Rug 5'9"x3'7"

Sale price$290.00 USD

Originating from Central Anatolia, Turkey, this carpet was woven mid 20th Century according to traditional designs and techniques passed from generation to generation of home-based village weavers for local domestic use or trade/sale to supplement the family income. Locally sourced sheep wool was hand-spun and then dyed with vegetable / organic dyes specific to the area. These rugs were woven according to traditional techniques and designs, being quite boldly patterned and strongly colored and had quite thick, long pile/nap, with large central medallions on a plain base color encased by a series of border stripes featuring stylised floral or geometric motifs. The deep reds and dark blues which characterised these rugs were further accented by the browns, beige, tans and greens used in the detail. However, such strongly colored and heavily piled rugs are not as compatible with contemporary home decor as they were with life in the Village in Turkey, so the colors in this rug have been softened and faded in natural sun light and the pile reduced / shaved to produce the “ Vintage Distressed” look so in keeping with modern home decoration trends. The reduced pile allows for flexibility of placement under furniture and ease of cleaning in high traffic areas.
• Authentic, Quality Product. We source all of our rugs from the Villages and Towns in which they were originally made, selecting only those of the highest quality of original materials and workmanship.
• 100% Hand-Made, Natural Fibres, Organic / Vegetable Dyes.
• Sun Faded / Color Softened and Pile Reduced / Shaved
• Traditional Design and Motifs
• Hand-washed and air dried prior to being offered for sale
• Fast Courier Shipping with UPS Tracking and Signature Required.
• 24/7 Communication from Istanbul and Melbourne
• Wholesale discounts available. Please email us for details

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Vintage Anatolian Turkish Rug 5'9"x3'7"
Vintage Anatolian Turkish Rug 5'9"x3'7" Sale price$290.00 USD