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Isparta Overdyed Rug 9 x 6 ft, Monochrome Vintage Turkish Rug

Sale price$1,180.00 USD

Measuring 9 ft 8 in x 6 ft 4 in (294.6 cms x 193 cms) this is a Monochrome, Blue and Black, Distressed Look Vintage Turkish rug which has ben Overdyed and Pile Reduced. Originating from the Isparta region of South Western Anatolia, Turkey, this carpet was hand-woven mid 20th Century. Isparta, also known as "City of the Roses", was a "late comer" to carpet weaving, with production only developing towards the end of the 19th Century as a response to commercial and trade opportunities. The weavings of this region, intended for commercial local domestic and trade/export use, adhere to traditional, but basic, techniques and designs and are generally woven of locally sourced sheep wool on a cotton warp for stability and longevity. Originally strongly multi-colored and with heavy pile, his rug has been “Color Reformed” to produce a dramatic, monotone base color through which elements of the original design motifs can be seen in darker contrast. The original rug has been sun-faded and then neutralised and, after this process is complete, the whole rug is then immersed in a strong, vegetable dye bath to produce the main, overall base color. After further sun drying and fading, the pile is then shaved / reduced resulting in the faded / distressed “Vintage-Look” so popular at this time. The reduced pile allows for flexibility of placement under furniture and ease of cleaning. This rug is quite heavy (approx. 14 kgs) and the variations in color are intentional. These rugs combine a contemporary color palette with vintage design appeal
• Authentic, Quality Product. We source all of our rugs from the Villages and Towns in which they were originally made, selecting only those of the highest quality of original materials and workmanship.
• 100% Hand-Made, Natural Fibres, Organic / Vegetable Dyes.
• Sun Faded / Color Neutralised / Overdyed and Pile Reduced / Shaved
• Traditional Design and Motifs
• Hand-washed and air dried prior to being offered for sale
• Fast Courier Shipping with UPS Tracking and Signature Required.
• 24/7 Communication from Istanbul and Melbourne
• Wholesale discounts available. Please email us for details

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Isparta Overdyed Rug 9 x 6 ft, Monochrome Vintage Turkish Rug
Isparta Overdyed Rug 9 x 6 ft, Monochrome Vintage Turkish Rug Sale price$1,180.00 USD