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Our Business is owned and run by two brothers, Ugur and Hasan Karaca, who have worked together for over 20 years to establish and build Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery, a successful physical retail business, and, our on-line rug selling platform. Our focus is genuine, traditional Vintage and Antique rugs produced throughout the major and, sometimes, more obscure parts of Turkey.

Whilst our family, particularly our predecessors in Corum, have always contributed in one way or another to some aspect of the rug making process, we are the first to become actively involved in sourcing, collecting and selling to a wider market.
We are proud to be able to say that we have many International buyers, ranging from other dealers/sellers to individual collectors and designers who now rely on us to source rugs specific to their needs.
We have been sourcing and selling original, handmade Turkish and Oriental Rugs from our physical retail business, Heritage Nomadic Art Gallery in the center of Sultanhamet, Istanbul for over 20 years.
However, our journey from farming life in a small village just outside Corum, located in the Central Black Sea Region of Turkey, to the world of selling Rugs, both locally and Internationally, in Istanbul has been a life-long learning experience.
We first became aware of the rug weaving process when growing up in Corum where, as children, we were surrounded by sheep, shepherds, shearers, spinners, dyers and weavers. But these were our family and friends and the Rugs they produced were just that - Rugs intended to be used every day in our homes.
Fast forward 20 years and after much experience in both the Hospitality and Rug selling industries, we were able to realize one of our main ambitions and that was to open our own Retail Business. With our knowledge and appreciation of the tradition of weaving truly unique, hand-made, natural wool rugs colored with completely natural dyes as our focus, we decided that this was what we wanted to preserve and pass on to future generations.
As a result, we purposely began travelling to Villages and Towns throughout Turkey to source truly handmade, natural wool rugs which had been produced up to 100 years ago.
During these early days of sourcing and collecting, we were able to learn much about the age and origin of rugs from each particular region / area from the local weavers and dealers who were happy to pass on knowledge and information which had, in turn, been conveyed to them by their predecessors.
As these local people came to understand exactly what we were looking for in terms of age, quality, design and origin, they began to inform us whenever anything suitable became available in their area.
Today, we are proud of the trusted network of collectors and dealers we have established throughout Turkey and further afar, and, whilst we still embark on our own trips to source our product, we also utilize modern methods of communication / social media to keep informed about what is available so we are able to source rugs 365 days of the year.

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