vintage kilim rugs

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Why buy old when you can have new? Just like fine wines, Vintage Kilim Rugs, which were lovingly hand-woven by skilled artisans using first class, quality natural materials and dyes, simply get better as they age. As the wool softens and the dyes mellow, the rug settles into its’ “skin”, just as a clumsy infant or gangly teenager develops into a fully mature adult. However, if a rug was not of high quality originally, no amount of ageing will improve it. That is why we take great care to source, from the villages in which they were made, Vintage Kilims which were of the highest quality of original materials, designs and workmanship. We carefully inspect for defects before professionally hand washing and air drying. We are proud of every Vintage Kilim we offer for your consideration. Old is not necessarily good, but “good old” is a work of art. Enjoy!

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W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:10' 6'' (320cm)
W:4' 3'' (130cm) L:4' 11'' (150cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:9' 6'' (290cm)
W:4' 3'' (129cm) L:6' 4'' (194cm)
W:3' 10'' (116cm) L:5' 2'' (158cm)
W:5' 4'' (163cm) L:13' (395cm)
W:3' 10'' (117cm) L:5' 4'' (162cm)
W:1' 10'' (55cm) L:3' 10'' (116cm)
W:3' 6'' (107cm) L:5' 7'' (171cm)
W:4' 2'' (127cm) L:5' 7'' (170cm)
W:5' 2'' (158cm) L:8' (244cm)
W:3' 1'' (93cm) L:6' 5'' (196cm)
W:5' 8'' (172cm) L:10' 11'' (332cm)
W:5' 1'' (155cm) L:6' 11'' (210cm)

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