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“Look Mummy. It’s a Magic Carpet Shop!” Well, our carpets do fly to all corners of the world albeit with a little assistance! The magic of a hand-made Turkish Carpet, however, is more even mysterious. Born of necessity, the craft of making knotted-pile carpets extends from as far back as 3rd Century BC and was further developed by nomadic tribes of Central Asia as a response to the need for daily use and portable protection against the elements.  The 13th Century migration of the Selcuk Turks into Anatolia saw the birth of the truly Turkish Carpet. Woven from locally grown and naturally dyed sheep wool using the unique Symmetrical (Ghordes) Turkish Double Knot, these carpets served many utilitarian daily purposes as floor coverings, door closures, tent walls, seating, bedding and storage. As the craft developed, each geographical region developed and refined its’ own unique colours, motifs, textures and techniques. From the nomadic tribal rugs of the 13th C Selcuk Empire, through the Palace Rugs of the 16th C Ottoman Empire to the magnificent Hereke Rugs of the 19th and 20th C, the tradition continues to this day. Just like reading a good book, every rug tells a story relating to the weaver’s status, stage of life, family, community, history and environment. We just have to learn to interpret the language of rugs to unlock magic and mystery behind the beauty. Terrifically Traditionally Turkish.

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W:4' 11'' (149cm) L:6' 2'' (187cm)
W:3' 7'' (110cm) L:5' 3'' (160cm)
W:4' 2'' (126cm) L:6' 1'' (185cm)
W:2' 9'' (83cm) L:3' 11'' (120cm)
W:5' 1'' (154cm) L:6' 8'' (203cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:7' 6'' (228cm)
W:2' (62cm) L:3' (92cm)
W:3' 7'' (110cm) L:5' 9'' (175cm)
W:2' 2'' (66cm) L:3' 5'' (103cm)
W:4' 9'' (146cm) L:6' 10'' (208cm)
W:4' 11'' (150cm) L:6' 7'' (200cm)
W:4' 2'' (126cm) L:6' 3'' (190cm)
W:2' (60cm) L:2' 11'' (89cm)
W:3' (92cm) L:4' 10'' (148cm)

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