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Welcome to our “virtual” Rug Store. No visit to Turkey is complete without the carpet-viewing/buying experience. From the frenzied, theatrical activity in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar to the quieter backstreets of Sultanahmet, the large, tourist-filled showrooms to the small, one-man businesses, the polished, professional city weaving workshops to the rustic, rural village market stalls every man or woman who has a carpet to sell is always eager to show their treasures to anyone who pauses long enough to be engaged.

We are no different! Having had the pleasure of opening thousands of carpets for our customers over the last 20 years in our physical store, we are now delighted to be able, thanks to modern technology, to throw your way the best of our wares which we have carefully selected from our extensive range of antique, vintage, aged and contemporary carpets and kilims. Personally sourced during our travels throughout Turkey and the wider Middle East, we are proud to offer here a comprehensive collection of Turkish, Afghan, Persian and other Middle Eastern pieces for your consideration.

Please take your time perusing the pages of our Rug Store.  Whilst there is no carpet seller telling the stories behind the weavings, we are sure that the artistry, skill and beauty of each piece presented here speaks for itself, telling you its’ own unique story in a way which needs no other words.

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W:6' (182cm) L:10' 2'' (310cm)
W:4' 9'' (145cm) L:9' 4'' (284cm)
W:5' (153cm) L:6' 8'' (203cm)
W:9' 2'' (280cm) L:12' 2'' (372cm)
W:4' 6'' (137cm) L:6' 3'' (191cm)
W:2' (60cm) L:5' 4'' (163cm)
W:2' 11'' (89cm) L:7' 6'' (229cm)
W:2' 7'' (78cm) L:4' (122cm)
W:3' 10'' (117cm) L:5' 4'' (162cm)
W:3' 11'' (119cm) L:7' 7'' (232cm)
W:2' 6'' (75cm) L:6' 9'' (205cm)
W:4' 1'' (124cm) L:6' 8'' (202cm)
W:2' 7'' (80cm) L:5' 9'' (175cm)
W:3' 11'' (119cm) L:5' 5'' (166cm)
W:6' 7'' (200cm) L:9' 10'' (300cm)
W:5' (153cm) L:6' 4'' (192cm)
W:5' 4'' (163cm) L:13' (395cm)
W:4' 3'' (130cm) L:4' 11'' (151cm)

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