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Antique Urgup Turkish Rug 7'8'' x 5'1''

Sale price$690.00 USD

Originating from Central Anatolia, Turkey, this carpet was woven mid 19th Century according to traditional designs and techniques passed from generation to generation of home-based village weavers for local domestic use or trade/sale to supplement the family income. Locally sourced sheep wool was hand-spun and then dyed with vegetable / organic dyes specific to the area. These rugs were woven according to traditional techniques and designs, being quite nicely patterned and softly colored and had quite thick, long pile/nap, with large central medallions on a plain base color encased by a series of border stripes featuring stylised floral or geometric motifs. Blue orrange, beige and brown color combinations.
Measures: 7 feet 8 inch x 5 feet 1 inch (238 cm x 155 cm)
• 100% Hand-Made, Natural Fibres, Vegetable Dyes.
• Naturally Sun Faded / Color Reformed and Pile Reduced / Shaved
• Hand-washed and air dried prior to being offered for sale
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• 24/7 Communication from Istanbul, Turkey and Melbourne, Australia
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Antique Urgup Turkish Rug 7'8'' x 5'1''
Antique Urgup Turkish Rug 7'8'' x 5'1'' Sale price$690.00 USD